Adelaide POP now available for our KVM based VPS Plans

After years of waiting for a Data Centre with the relevant connectivity available for us to use in Adelaide, we’ve finally been able to secure the commercials we wanted for Network Presence to establish its Adelaide, South Australia POP.

This allows us to provide all of our website’s KVM based VPS Plans from Adelaide, being the Network Presence VPS Plans:

Value SSD VPS Plans
Storage VPS Plans
cPanel VPS Plans

These VPS Plans are now all available in Adelaide, South Australia, as well as our decade long running Sydney, Australia location, and you can select the Adelaide location through the ‘VPS Option’ listing ‘Adelaide’ location.

We’re very happy with the connectivity we’ve been able to secure for this POP, which sees our networks in Adelaide made available through many upstream providers, and some of Australia’s best Peering Networks as well from day 1.


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