New features for VPS Management web pages – Firewall / Packet Filtering [in Beta to start]

Our journey to update and refresh our web-based VPS Management site and pages continues to deliver results for our customers, with our next newly deployed feature being the ability to set “Firewall Rules” and packet filters on both the incoming and outgoing network traffic of your VPS.

These settings are set through the VPS Management web pages and are enacted outside of your VPS, so the processing and operation of these filters is external to your VPS itself.

This feature is currently available as a “Beta” release, meaning that customers can contact us to have this feature enabled for their use of our web-based VPS Management pages.
General release of this capability is expected during Q3 this year ie: as soon as next month.

This completes this tranche of new features coming to our web-based VPS Management pages and site, and following the general release of the Firewall feature, our attention will turn to UI updates and better navigation for our web-based VPS Management pages.

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