Customer Loyalty Scheme through our Cloud Credits

Our Cloud Credits provide an easy way to increase or decrease the resourcing levels of your Network Presence VPS.

In addition to purchasing Cloud Credits on our website, one other way that customers ‘earn’ or get Cloud Credits is through ongoing usage of their Network Presence VPS services ie: running their VPS as ordered.

The rate of earning of Cloud Credits varies depending on the size and type of VPS, but some kind of baseline is that if you spend ~$15/month on your VPS, you could expect to earn enough Cloud Credits to add a CPU in ~4 or so months of use.

The Cloud Credit balance (viewed in the Status or Usage buttons of our VPS Management pages) for a VPS is increased each day based on the VPS Plan’s month fees.

I’ll post more about our Cloud Credits functionality and search our Blog site for “cloud credits” for more info.


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