Network Presence Cloud Credits

Our Cloud Credits are available for customers to add/remove resources (CPU, Memory, Disk space, IP Addresses, Firewalls, etc) to their service or Account at Network Presence.

The concept is that you have a balance of Network Presence Cloud Credits for each of your services with us, and that you can use them through our web-based VPS Management pages (and our new API) to “re-provision” your service with more (or less) of CPUs, Memory, Disk space, IP Addresses and other products of Network Presence.
There’s no data loss in this re-provisioning and in most cases, the changed resources are added or removed from your VPS automatically at the time of your request. Note that some resource changes do require a VPS restart, but you’ll be advised if that’s the case.

Cloud Credits can be purchased through products in the Professional Services pages of our website and we’ll post soon about other ways you can accrue Cloud Credits for service resource provisioning. Customers can see how many Cloud Credits they have for any service by logging into our web-based VPS Management pages and clicking “Status” or “Usage” icons.

For an example of using our Cloud Credits; If you have a cPanel #1 VPS with us, you can add another CPU by logging into our website and selecting the VPS Management link from our Support menu, then enter your VPS credentials and click the “Credits” icon or button, then select “Modify CPU” Resources and select the CPU resourcing levels on the next page, then tick the “Cloud credit Authorisation” checkbox, and submit your ‘provisioning order’ by clicking the “Change CPU” button to get our network and servers to use your available Cloud Credits to update and change the relevant resources that you’ve asked for.

Our Cloud Credits capability is being updated during April/May of 2018 and we’ll post more about how it’s used and available for customers.

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