Next version of our VPS Management tools coming soon

In the last quarter of 2013 we moved from test through to production v2.x of our web-based VPS Management pages and tools, and now during the middle months of 2014 we’re preparing to do the same for v3.x of that system, with a variety of functional and visual updates coming to enhance and revamp this interface for customers to interact with their VPS provided by Network Presence.

This new update and version of our web-based VPS Management contains a number of exciting new features for Network Presence and we’ve started posting information on some of them and more details will be posted in June as versions get rolled-out in a “agile” rapid-deployment model, that will stage the activation of new features and functionality in the coming months.

The final version of our VPS Management v2.x utilised a general rollout of the Eucalyptus Cloud IaaS technology and software to our VPS Platform Server Fleet and this 2014 version 3 builds on that and utilises a growing list of the OpenStack Cloud technologies and software systems to our newer VPS Hosting Platforms, particularly for our new range of KVM based VPS Plans.

We’ve tweeted for customers to nominate as Beta Testers for this new VPS Management system and we’ll be in-touch with those who replied shortly now.

More info, updates and announcements on this innovative range of Cloud Services and Functionality of Network Presence will be released in June 2014.

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