AWS compatibility via Eucalyptus for Network Presence – Phase 2 – Deployment

We’ve used and worked with the Eucalyptus Cloud environment for many years and having done more development and evolution of our VPS Hosting Environment, we’re ready to commence a rollout of Eucalyptus powered VPS Hosting Nodes and Clusters within Network Presence, with Eucalyptus (and thus Amazon AWS compatible) operations coming available to customers deployed on, or migrated to, these new VPS Nodes.

These “Eucalyptus Powered” VPS Hosting Platforms (“Nodes” in Clusters) will be fully compatible with all other Network Presence VPS Platforms and our existing web-based VPS Management pages and our existing API, but these VPS Hosting Platforms will also be able to provide all the services of Eucalyptus, being data and functionality compatible with Amazon’s AWS environment, allowing VPS “Images”, Tools and scripts from, or for, Amazon AWS to be run at Network Presence, with no or minimal data changes.

The first of these “Eucalyptus Powered” VPS Hosting Platforms will be online and available for use soon this month, February 2014 and with more available and ready to scale as growth requires.

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PS: Soon is OpenStack at Network Presence too, stay tuned!

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