New Web & API VPS Management capabilities coming

Our online web-based VPS Management systems are old nowadays, given that they were first developed over 5 years ago.

Accordingly, we have a project in-house to update the capabilities (more features and functionality), as well as the page visuals/layout (icon use, etc), which will be available in ‘Beta’ to customers who request access to the new VPS Management web pages (which are integrated into our main website now too) from October 1st.

Our in-house JSON-based API is also getting more capabilities (backup, restore, reimage & more) and it will be available in beta form from mid October as well.

Full release of “Version 2” of our Web and API VPS Management systems is on-track for November 2013 too.

Customers are welcome to contact us to get use of these updated systems in the form of access to the current beta releases.

FYI and regards,

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One Response to New Web & API VPS Management capabilities coming

  1. richard says:

    This is now available to customers for beta testing and please contact us (email to admin AT is best) to be provided with the URL to the new VPS Management website.

    You’ll need to have a username on our website, so please create one or contact us to arrange for one for you to access the new VPS Management pages.

    New functionality includes: Backup & List Backup, Restore, Reimage, View and Update Account & VPS Plan details and change the password used to access the site.

    Note: Update in mid November 2013 is that the Status and Usage buttons now also display your service’s Network Traffic Usage for the current month to date.

    Note: Further update in early December 2013 provides for the ability for you to update your VPS IP Address’s “Reverse DNS” entry in our Name Servers.

    Good to go, thanks,

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