Node 6 SSD Disk Array Failure – June 9th 2019

On Sunday June 9th 2019 a single SSD drive in a multi-drive mirrored disk array entered an error state and we were notified of that. Being in the Data Centre at the time, we accessed spare drives there and shutdown Node 6 and replaced that single failed drive. When Node 6 came back online however, all drives in its local SSD array were not powering up.

In short, though only 1 disk errored in a way that was visible to us, all its drives had failed and would not power back up.

This has resulted in all SSD based disk data on Node 6 to be irrecoverably lost.

As Node 6 was one of our older VPS Hosting Platforms, it didn’t have a lot of customers on it and we’re now emailing all customers that had services on Node 6 to advise of the loss of their VPS data and present them with options, which include of course our SLA based refund of 25% of their monthly fees for the current month.

Customers who had made use of our VPS Management Backup service (available to all customers) have already been restored to other Nodes and were back online on the day of the disk array and Node 6 failure, however unfortunately most customers on Node 6 had not made use our freely available VPS Backup/Restore capability.

If you are an affected customer on Node 6, please reply to our email to you to followup on options available.

We’re terribly sorry for this data loss event and we will be changing our maintenance programs for these older VPS Hosting Plattforms as we proceed with this year’s major platform update procedure and for when a single disk error is found in a multi-disk array.

FYI and regards,


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