Update on 2019 VPS Platform Refresh

The upgrades this year to our various VPS Hosting Nodes (first mentioned at http://blog.networkpresence.co/?p=8952 ) is going well and gets a boost in June to August with a number of new and faster VPS Nodes coming online in the coming months, as some of our older Nodes geta a well earned retirement.

This has already happened to over 75% of the Node at our Adelaide POP and 20% of the Nodes in our main Sydney POP, and it’s now time for more new Nodes to come online in Sydney.

To action this we have some Data Centre Scheduled Maintenance works coming up in Sydney in June and through July and August and we’ll post the usual notices of them here as they are scheduled. Impacted customers will be emailed individually as well to notify them in advance of these upgrades to their relevant VPS Nodes.

We’re excited by these upgrades which already have shown to yield excellent performance increases for relevant customers on the newer Nodes and the general VPS client base in Sydney will see more of these faster Nodes in the coming months now.


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