2016’s Great Leap Forward

We’ve been busy this year releasing a number of new products and functionalities for our VPS range of services (“Runtime Billing” (pay by the hour, charged in 15 min increments), Cloud VPS Plans with “Resource Pools” for multi-VPS provisioning), Automatic Provisioning of Orders for some VPS Plans and more) and now we’re adding to our Sydney POP with more rack space and capacity in the Equinix SY1 Data Centre in Sydney.

This will allow for some rapid upgrades of VPS Nodes that will facilitate the release of more VPS features, so while there will be some downtime scheduled for a few older nodes, this will be managed to be of minimal impact to customers on those few nodes, and will provide benefits going forward that’ll make the short downtime worthwhile.

This work will mostly be completed in October, with new features and functionality released in November and onwards and we’ll use our established methodology of Weekly Maintenance windows and Scheduled Data Centre Maintenance Notices to get this physical work done.

FYI and looking forward to this, regards,

PS: Some will note that we were planning/expecting to open our Adelaide POP this year, but with little customer demand for it and with the NBN showing its long-expected effect on the domestic connectivity market, further expansion of our Sydney capacity is warranted before more domestic POPs nowadays.

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