Run your VPS cheaper when others aren’t with our Runtime Charging

We’re creating ‘discount time periods’ where if your VPS Plan is based on our “By the Hour of Runtime” charging, then you can get up to 50% cheaper runtime hourly rates by running your VPS during these discount time periods.

These discounts are to be part of how our Runtime Charging works, so aren’t anything extra or such and are available for all Runtime Charged VPS.

The general aim here is to make it cheaper to run your VPS when others aren’t and so “after hours” and “off peak” times of the day/week/month/year will benefit in lower hourly charges (rated every 30 mins) for your VPS runtime.

The cheapest time period (7 days / week) to run your VPS when it’s charged by the hour of runtime is between midnight and 9am (Australia/Central timezone), where you get at least 50% off your VPS Plan’s hourly runtime rate. Next cheapest time period to run your Runtime Charged VPS is between 9am and 11am, and the standard default listed hourly runtime rate applies from 11am through to midnight.

Our web-based VPS Management “Status” and “Usage” pages will report the current Discount Rate and your VPS’ current hourly runtime charge at the time of using those VPS Management pages.

FYI and enjoy even greater value in your Network Presence VPS, regards,

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