Web Application Firewall Appliance Service

We’re pleased to release our latest Appliance VPS product, being a managed instance of a Open-Source Web Application Firewall (WAF) based on the Industry-standard OWASP WAF Ruleset and web server modules.

This is a fully installed and operational separate VPS, on its own IP Address within our Sydney or Los Angeles networks, configured to Firewall and then pass your website(s) requests through to your own Web Server.

We work with you to customise and configure this WAF based on your web site’s operational requirements and we’re available to assist with any WAF Rules which may impact your site’s operations. eg: customised sites may require tuning of some of the standard OWASP Rulesets.

This WAF is available to existing Network Presence customers and to protect external web sites, so you don’t need to be hosting your web site already at Network Presence.

Our WAF is well resourced and competitively priced, in Australian dollars including GST, for a managed service and we look forward to working with you to help protect your valuable web site content.


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