How to install PHP 5.4 on CentOS 6

First to get PHP 5.4 on CentOS 6 you need to install and enable the EPEL and Remi 3rd party Software Repositories with these commands as root from a shell:

rpm -Uvh remi-release-6*.rpm epel-release-6*.rpm

Then run the yum install with the Remi repository enabled:

yum --enable-repo=remi install php

Accept the Remi Repository’s Key (or also use the option “-y” on the yum install command line above) and do note that this will upgrade the MySQL Server package too from the Remi Repo (up to mysql-server version 5.5.41-1.el6.remi).

When the yum install is finished, just restart your MySQL Server and Web (Apache by default) server with:

service mysqld restart
service httpd restart

If you need to or want to (check your /var/log/mysqld.log file), you can update some of MySQL’s Internal Tables and such with the command:

mysql_upgrade -uroot -pROOTMYSQLPASSWD

(use your root mysql user’s password there of course :))


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