We can supply and assist with MariaDB Galera MySQL Clusters

We’ve done a lot of work on and with Clustered MySQL Database Servers recently, focussing on the latest MariaDB Galera open-source ‘Master-Master’ multi-node MySQL DB server software, in various modes, with various number and location of nodes (across the continent of Australia in some cases).

Accordingly we’ve created a PaaS product, what we know as an “Appliance” VPS service, which delivers from provisioning and hand-over, a dual node Galera MySQL Cluster of SQL database servers.

While it’s not a “Managed” VPS product perse, we include the initial configuration your SQL Cluster (get initial sync setup between nodes from your source Databases) and we’re available 1 Hour / Month to assist on-server or such for your general operations needs for your SQL Cluster. You can add more Management capabilities to your SQL Cluster with one of our Monthly Managed service plans too.

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