Sydney NAS Online with 4TB

Some of our customers have multiple VPS online on various seperate hardware platforms at our main Sydney Australia POP at Equinix in Sydney, and could utilise a shared or common network-based disk for greater capabilities and utilisation of their VPS.

To provide more large storage capacity to all customers, we’ve now commissioned an initial 4TB Network Attached Storage array in Sydney and this array will grow quickly from here.

This NAS is connected to our Sydney core network via multiple gigabit ethernet links to provide very high data transfer rates, and as with all our customer storage this NAS based storage is 100% redundant in terms of hardware failure of any 2 drives in the array and as such provides great performance too under load.

To help existing and new customers find ways to utilise high-speed high-capacity network attached (NAS) storage, during August 2012 we’re offering 3 free months of at least 100GB of NAS-backed storage, delivered via most available LAN-based network storage protocols, like; NFS, SMB/CIFS, FTP, HTTP, SSL wrapped protocols, iSCSI, OCFS2, DRBD and others (let us know how you’d like to access your NAS disk space) for customers to trial before purchase.

So if you’re an existing customer of Network Presence, or signup for a new service in August, please contact us if you’d like an additional 100GB of live NAS-based storage for your VPS or Colo service.

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