EveryNet and VPS Customers accessing the Net via the best routes

We have multiple links (> 3) to the Internet online at any one time and mainly that’s done for redundancy (so that if one “connectivity provider” goes down, there’s another running that can take all that traffic) but it also provides our diverse customer base with optimised routes (paths) to Internet sites and servers.
eg: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, many big local domestic ISPs (iiNet, Internode, TPG etc) and AARNet all reached via our Peering Links.

The ability for our customers to achieve “optimised routes” for content from the Internet is shown to us everyday, where our customers get to send data to the Internet, or receive data from the Internet, via our numerous Peering Links across Sydney and Canberra, or via our Internet Uplinks in Sydney and Canberra.

Our Canberra POP at the TransAct Data Centre also has multiple Internet Uplinks and is configured for maximum redundancy should it loose access to our Sydney POP (which delivers the bulk of the data used by customers serviced by our Canberra POP and includes many EveryNet ISP customers), then the Canberra POP can automatically fallback to using its own direct Internet and Peering Links to stay online.

Our ISP customers on EveryNet also get to benefit from our diverse paths to Internet content, as well as the uptime and high network QoS that comes from utilising Network Presence’ connectivity.

Whether it’s content serving or consumption (ie: VPS, Colo or ISP), we can provide you with excellent quality Internet and Australian connectivity, with large or even no data transfer quotes on some VPS and Colo Plans.

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