All our VPS Plans include..

All of our VPS Plans, whether the cheapest sub $10 / month plan, or our premium Appliance & Managed Plans, all include the following services and capabilities, available online or via quick email, sms or call.

IPv6 subnets (/120)

– Dual IPv4 addresses for all VPS Plans with more IPv4 addresses available upon request, routed via many Peering and multiple redundant Internet “Transit” Links. Note: ‘Value’ VPS Plans only have a single IPv4 address, all other VPS Plans will always include dual IPv4 addresses.

– 100Mbps Network Interface to your VPS Operating System

– Dedicated RAM using Xen Virtualisation technologies and KVM virtualisation is available if required

– 1:1 Network with full IPv4 and IPv6 routing and “all ports open”, with Firewall available if desired

– “Transit only” Network traffic billing, where data sent or received via any of our Peering Links is not metered or billed

– Many faster CPUs for your VPS, with different spec CPUs provided for our different VPS Plan types

– Large Disk allocations, up to Terabytes if you need

– Weekly full disk Backups of your VPS

– Text Console access and VNC Console access to your VPS

– Simple online web based VPS Management and API included, with OpenStack or Eucalyptus platforms available upon request

– High Uptime via Monthly SLA at 99.95% (excluding Scheduled Downtime/Works) with monthly discounts if breached, which vary depending on your VPS Plan & we’re happy to negotiate on SLAs to suit your uptime requirements.

We believe that all these included features of our VPS Plans makes for a compelling offering which offers great value at any price point, with a focus on high-end performance combined with excellent value for money.

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries on our VPS Plans or for a custom quote on your Cloud or VPS hosting requirements.


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