Console site to access your VPS in a web browser

We’ve installed and configured a “Console” service for VPS customers, where you can connect and use either Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows based VPS, or SSH for other VPS, as well as the VNC based console of your VPS (all KVM VPS Plan types ordered through our www website).

This site is and we’ve auto-created logins for currently active VPS, where the login username is your VPS “name” as we know it and the login password is your VPS VNC Password, with the “-” character added and then your account’s email address (unless you’ve updated it, this is the email address you used when you ordered your VPS).

When logged in with those credentials, you’ll see icons available for RDP, VNC and SSH to your VPS.

If you have problems login into the Console site, please email us help @

We’ll be adding this functionality into our VPS Management pages soon as well.

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