Implementing SPF, DKIM & DMARC for our domains & customers

February 1st saw Gmail require better email validation and authority to send email criteria, specifically being SPF records (this has been a long term recommendation/requirement) but also now DKIM and finally DMARC DNS entries as well to ensure email sending into Gmail (and of course Microsoft/Office/Outlook) based email addresses & hosted domains.

We’ve now deployed updated SPF entries, plus DKIM and DMARC DNS entries and use for our domain, and we’ve also done so for some customers that email from within our domain that we’re aware of, or who have asked for specific DNS entries within our domains.

VPS Customers are welcome to contact us to load their own DKIM or SPF DNS records within that their VPS and mail server environments may require.

We’re also happy to help customers install and configure DKIM in their mail server environments (eg: in cPanel, or the various Linux flavours) and please contact us by email ( to book such work (and backups beforehand, snapshots before the work time, etc).

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