VPS Hosting Platform Upgrades for 2022 & into 2023

Over the next few months we’re upgrading a number of our VPS Hosting Nodes in our Sydney and Adelaide POPs. These Upgrades entail new hardware for many customer VPS and at some point in this process VPS will need to be stopped on their old node and started on the new one.

To these ends we’ve got the first batch of new server platforms coming online in Sydney before Christmas 2022 and more in early 2023, and customers are being migrated to them as requested or required by their usage profiles.

There’s also new servers coming online in our Adelaide POP, along with more network capacity for that location.

Progressively over the end of 2022 and the months of early to mid 2023, we’ll let customers know whenever the upgrades affect their VPS.

FYI and enjoy the new, faster, VPS Hosting at Network Presence, regards,

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