Free Web Proxy/Load Balancer VPS

Network Presence customers who pay us over $20/month for their VPS are now able to get a free or gratis Web Proxy/Load Balancer VPS that’s automatically configured (when requested in our VPS Management web pages) to send web traffic to the customer’s main VPS.

The Web Proxy service is available through our web-based VPS Management pages when logged in with your normal VPS user (click on the “Web Proxy” button once logged in) and the automatic setup process will email you the access and usage details of your Web Proxy. The main information you need is how to upload your SSL Certificate files for the https:// protocol to present your site’s SSL Certificate to end-user browsers accessing your site through the Web Proxy.

To start using your Web Proxy you need to FTP or SFTP login to your Web Proxy VPS on its listed IP address with the username and password supplied in the initial “Web Proxy Provisioning Report and Usage Information” email that’s sent after your Web Proxy VPS is all setup and running from when you click on the ‘Web Proxy’ button in the VPS Management web pages. We recommend the “FileZilla” FTP/SFTP client software to upload your Certificate (certname.crt), Key (certname.key) and any “CA Bundle” ( files to your Web Proxy VPS. Once any of the above files are uploaded (see the provisioning email for more details) they’re configured into the Web Proxy software within a minute from upload.

As mentioned, these “provided for free” or gratis Web Proxy servers are available for any Network Presence VPS customer who pays us over $20/month. This determination is made by the VPS Management system and some customers pay us via other means or have custom orders or other payment arrangements which could mean that the VPS Management system may not be able to automatically ascertain this information for your main VPS service, in which case please just contact Admin (email admin AT with your VPS details (IP Address or order # or payment information) and we’ll check the payment amount and provision your free Web Proxy for you promptly from there.

You can use these Web Proxies as “front-line” web servers to your sites, where your main web server(s) can be available for the Internet to use just through the Web Proxy (by updating your DNS so that your website’s URL points to the Web Proxy VPS rather an your main webserver VPS) and this can provide some security and other capabilities for your website eg: our Web Proxies can enable security based filtering of traffic to your web server and more front-end web features, please contact Admin for more details and information about your Web Proxy’s use and capabilities. eg: it can also proxy your web sessions to multiple back-end servers (across the Internet) and can do other web server functions for our sites.

If you don’t see the ‘Web Proxy’ button in your VPS Management login, please recheck in a few days, as this new feature is being progressively rolled out for our VPS customers in April 2022.

Enjoy this free value-add service for your Network Presence VPS, regards,

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