Sydney Data Centre Urgent Power Works – Wednesday mornings, Jul 28 & Aug 4th 2021

We’ve been advised by our Sydney Data Centre (Equinix) that unavoidable critical urgent works are required on our rack power feeds on the Wednesday mornings between 7am and 11am on the two days of Wednesday July 28th and August 4th 2021.

We’ve discussed the terrible timing of these works forced upon us by the Data Centre but in speaking to their National Operations Manager he’s explained the precarious situation they have with these power feeds (an imminently failing non-redundant component in each power feed) and we understand how this work has to be done with such short notice and at such a time.

On our side most of our VPS Hosting Servers have redundant/dual power-supplies, but some do not and will be affected by this power work by the Data Centre. Accordingly we’ll be performing clean shutdowns of some VPS Hosting platforms (we call them “Nodes”) at Network Presence’s Sydney POP close to the 7am start time of these power works on each Wednesday morning.
Updates will be provided on our Operations Twitter Feed at during these times.

Going forward (see updates below) we’ll be re-engineering the affected VPS Hosting Nodes with power feed redundancy as soon as possible in 2021 so that such works by the Data Centre in the future won’t have such an impact on our operations (equipping these remaining single power fed Hosting Nodes with dual power feeds).

It’s worth noting that this is the first such event by Equinix in Sydney like this in over 15 years, so we’ve had a very good run wrt their reliability for power in this Data Centre of theirs and as mentioned, we’re deploying further infrastructure to be able to better weather such events going forward & in conjunction with these Data Centre works and timing.

Our Adelaide POP is unaffected by these Sydney Data Centre power works.

I’ll be available on +61 414 882 225 during this outage event should customer need to contact us and we’ll post updates on our Operations Twitter Feed at around each of these outage events.

UPDATE: We’ve been in further contact with Equinix and we’re working with them to bring forward our own Infrastructure Upgrades to be able to survive such outages in the future (two more dual power feed ATS) and we’ll be having these ATS installed & cutover to during these power works of Equinix on each of the coming Wednesday mornings from 7am.

UPDATE Wed 28th July: All went well this morning and there was a ~1hr outage for some VPS customers as we moved them over to the 1st ATS in Sydney. We look forward to the completion of these power works by Equinix next Wednesday now.

UPDATE Ready for Wed Aug 4th 7am: We’re ready to have our Secondary power feed worked on by Equinix when they do so on this coming Wednesday morning of August 4th 2021 from 7am Sydney time. Only a few of our VPS Hosting Nodes will be affected and we’ll have them back online ASAP on Wednesday morning.

FINAL UPDATE: All went well during these 2 x power outage events for us in Sydney, with the Equinix Tech Staff helping us greatly a few times when we needed it, often in the early hours of the morning. This is why we pay the costs of being in an Equinix (the largest global Data Centre provider) Data Centre in Sydney.

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