New features for VPS Management web pages – Single Login & Snapshots

From late December 2017 we started deploying new features and functionality to our web-based VPS Management pages on our website.

The new site has better login functionality and navigation since late December 2017 and this week (late Jan 2018) we’ve deployed a new feature for all VPS customers called “Snapshots”.

VPS Snapshots provide you with a point-in-time ‘snapshot’ of your VPS main disk, and this snapshot is retained and available for ‘reversion’ for a week by default.

You can create a snapshot, delete it if you want to take another (or let it be automatically removed after a week) or ‘revert’ to the snapshot, all through the Snapshot button on the web-based VPS Management pages.
(this functionality for snapshot’ing will be incorporated into our API within a week now too, more on that later)

Reverting to a snapshot means that any data changed on your VPS main disk since the snapshot was created will be removed and your VPS disk will be as it was when the snapshot was created. Depending on the volume of data changed since a snapshot was taken, the ‘revert’ request web page will return quickly and the operation will continue in the background, with it emailing you when the VPS disk is as it was when the snapshot was originally taken. Your VPS will be shutdown/stopped when the reversion operation starts and cannot be started until it’s finished.

This is an easy way to be able to make changes to your VPS and then ‘back out of them’ within a week if things go wrong, or you’re just trying something for a few days, etc.

There’s more new features coming to our web-based VPS Management pages and site, with the next major new feature already in testing and aiming for release in February 2018, with more updates to the UI/UX of the site soon after that too.


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