Free cPanel DNSONLY VPS in Sydney or Los Angeles for cPanel VPS customers

Building on our cPanel VPS Plans we’ve added an offer to existing & new Network Presence cPanel VPS customers, to provision a cPanel DNSONLY VPS for them in either our Sydney or Los Angeles Data Centres.

All you need be is a Network Presence cPanel VPS Plan customer and we can provision this free cPanel DNSONLY VPS for you upon your request, and hand it over to you (with us available as you need) for you to run as your DNS servers.

Though this is cPanel’s DNSONLY install on a VPS, you do get full WHM DNSONLY web access and this cPanel DNSONLY software is easily configured to create a “DNS Cluster” with any existing full WHM/cPanel install. eg: our Network Presence cPanel VPS Plans.

These VPS can be deployed at our US POP in Los Angeles if you’d like, instead of be default in our Sydney POP in Australia, and please contact us for more information on this offer to Network Presence VPS customers.


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