Xen VPS Disk Hybridisation Project is underway

As part of our regular hardware and platform upgrades, we’ve kicked-off a project that’s steadily replacing HDD based drives in our traditional Xen VPS Platforms with SSD based drives.

This is called “hyridisation” of the Disk Arrays utilised by these platforms and will progressively provide disk IO and performance boosts for Xen HDD based VPS customers as these upgrades (physical drive replacements and array reconfigurations) are done over the coming ~6 months.

Customers on the relevant platforms will be contacted by us by email with the timing of these upgrades to their VPS nodes as this work proceeds over the coming months.

There will be no costs to Xen HDD VPS Plan customers, and our aim to to replace at least 50% of the HDD drives in these relevant disk arrays with SSD drives, providing a ‘free’ performance boost for these VPS Plans.

Please contact us by email should you require more information and this post may be updated as these upgrades progress over the coming months.

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