More 6 Gbps Disks coming online

An important part of our “Letting our Servers Loose” through Infrastructure Upgrades in 2011 has been keeping up with customer requirements for more & more Disk I/O & bandwidth to store data in their VPS/VDS.

So far nearly 1/2 of our server hosting platforms are using 6Gbps drives for general purpose customer VPS back-end storage and during November and December another few new chassis will be put online running 6Gbps disks as they get installed for organic capacity growth, and a few existing servers will get scheduled disk upgrades (it’s far more preferable to provision more general hosting platform capacity & chassis, than inflict any downtime on some customers as each production server chassis gets new, faster, drives installed).

Some customers are already using faster 15k RPM 6Gbps drives that we’ve had running since early 2011, as well as SSD drives being available+ recently too.

You want lots of fast Disk IO for your VPS? Yep, we do that!

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