Get more CPU Cores for your Sydney VPS with our new KVM SSD VPS Plans

We’ve been working on this for some time and we’re pleased to provide an “early release” of our new range of KVM and Xen Virtualisation SSD VPS Plans at our main Sydney POP in the Equinix SY1 Data Centre in Sydney, Australia.

The new KVM SSD VPS Plans are online at our new-but-pre-release Online Shop and include features like automatic/immediate provisioning after Paypal Subscription first payment, an Industry standard Client Area, large range of Linux distributions and versions available, and more features as we deploy them from our development and test environments over the coming weeks now.

Of course, all of these VPS Plans have a free VPN service available to them too from Network Presence in Sydney now and our Los Angeles VPN will available soon, while our Arizona US VPN is available now too.

Please note that as this is an early-release of our new Shop site, the layout/UI of these new VPS Plans pages will be updated as we progressively deploy this new site, but the back-end is fully online for ordering and managing these new products.

FYI and regards,

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