FreeBSD available more & more..

There was a time in ~2009 where I was confident that FreeBSD would complete full Xen PVS functionality, but that didn’t really come to pass (I know that some people have it running ok with various customisations, granted).

But I’m a former “FreeBSD better than Linux” kinda SysAdmin, so I’m dedicated to Network Presence supporting FreeBSD in all VPS Plans, thus even given FreeBSD’s problems running as a Xen ‘para-virtualised’ VPS, Network Presence will provision any ordered FreeBSD VPS as full Xen “HVM” or KVM VPS, meaning ‘hardware virtualisation mode’ and the running FreeBSD OS doesn’t need to know that it’s running in a VPS environment, which allows the current release (8.2) of FreeBSD to run as a VPS.

I’m still a great believer in FreeBSD’s place as a modern operating system, regardless as to its requirements for full “hardware virtualisation”, so please feel free to order FreeBSD OS on our small end plans, but preferably on our 512MB or more VPS Plans, like

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