Network Presence VPS SLA

After much consideration, consultation and negotiation, and after having run our business and network of servers since 2008, we’ve created our first public general Service Level Agreement (SLA) for VPS customers of Network Presence, effective from October 1st, 2013.

This SLA has two components:

First is the VPS Hosting Platform Uptime/Availability, which is 99.95% on a monthly basis.

Then there’s the Network Uptime/Availability, which is 99.9% on a monthly basis.

These “downtime on a monthly basis” figures can be seen on Wikipedia, as 99.95% being 21.56 minutes downtime per month and 99.9% being 43.8 minutes per month.

We measure both VPS Platform and our Network Access separately and we’re happy to be bound to either by VPS customers on a monthly basis and this SLA will apply to VPS customers of Network Presence whose monthly billing by Network Presence is over $20/month, and the SLA will apply automatically for those customers from the start date listed above.

To us an SLA has to have a “sting in the tail” otherwise it’s of no consequence to our customers or us, so we’re happy to provide a 25% discount on your monthly fees paid during any month affected by an SLA breaching outage. We’ll refund or not bill for any SLA amounts after the notification process has occurred.

This ‘notification process’ is associated with the ‘Compensation Request’ in our SLA and provides you with 2 weeks after the incident to report it and have it considered for SLA refund and Scheduled Works downtime periods are excluded from the SLA

We monitor each metric from inside our network perimeter (which includes Sydney, Canberra and US locations) and from outside, so we know and are alerted when “something breaks” and as is our established way, outages (scheduled and un-scheduled) will be listed on our public Operations Twitter feed, as well as Scheduled Works downtime periods being posted here in our Blog.

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