New range of Value VPS Plans

We’ve taken on-board suggestions and deep analysis of our VPS Plans to create a new group of our popular Value VPS range of VPS Plans.

These new Value VPS Plans have more CPU Cores (mid-range CPUs for threaded or multi CPU needs), but less Disk capabilities (less storage and lower ave. Disk I/O rates) than the normal Value VPS Plans, and mostly importantly they ‘top out’ at 20Mbps of Internet bandwidth.

That said, these are great for hosting websites and content that can stay in memory (eg: Memcached) or makes good use of threading, needs multiple running processes (eg: Apache, Tomcat, etc) or isn’t very active but needs good response when lightly utilised.

These are the Value #A Plans, being Value #1A, Value #2A and Value #3A Plans on our website and online store.

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