Need “Follow the Sun” Linux/Open-Source Support & Project Personnel?

Network Presence has highly-skilled and competent tele-workers on deck between 9am to 9pm Sydney, Australia time each and every day, who are able to take on either deep (Level 2 or Level 3) Support or Project based Linux and Open-Source software and infrastructure work and support tasks in those timeframes.

We can provide a valuable lynchpin for IT and online businesses to keep having high-capability and proficient IT&C/Internet Technology workers active after US and European staff have ended their daily work hours, and before Asia wakes up for the day.

This is known as “Follow the Sun” operations.

To explain where and when we can work for US businesses:

8PM in San Francisco and 11PM in New York is 3pm in Sydney and 8pm in Sydney is 1AM in San Francisco and is 4AM in New York.

For European timeframes, we’re available from 10pm through to 10am in London for telework, which is 9am Sydney time to 9pm in Sydney.

Our skillset includes my capabilities (Richard Siggs on LinkedIn) but other personnel are available that work daily at Network Presence on similar tasks, and with Richard available as backup/assurance.

Please contact us online or feel free to call me direct to discuss if you’re interested on +61 414 882 225.


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