Spacewalk at Network Presence

We’ve installed and made available to Network Presence customers (by default) and the Internet (by contact) a Spacewalk Server for CentOS 5 & 6, Fedora 18 and Debian 6 & 7 local software Repositories, in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

This means that customers (and sites on the Internet) can use the functions of a Redhat Satellite Server to manage and configure their Linux operating system’s installed base of open-source software.

Some of the features and advantages of Spacewalk is that it allows you to keep your Linux operating system fully up to date on a regular basis, and for Network Presence customers, access to our Spacewalk Server is not metered to their account’s data quotas.

We’re using this Spacewalk Server ourselves and we’d welcome enquiries if you’d like access to it as well.


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