Great prices on fast cPanel VPS with Managed VPS option

We’ve released our new website and as part of this new site we have some new VPS Plans, one group of which is our new cPanel VPS Plans, which include a fully installed and licensed WHM/cPanel VPS Optimised software set, on top of the recommended Linux operating system for WHM/cPanel.

All the software is installed and licensed and then handed-over to you with full VPS access, to use as your Website Hosting platform.

These cPanel VPS Plans are provisioned on fast Xen based virtualisation platforms and provide excellent value for money as well as performance for your hosted websites, databases and other applications.

There’s also an option available on these cPanel VPS Plans for our Managed VPS feature, where we’re available at your call to assist you with any software or operational dependency that you may have within your WHM/cPanel and Linux hosting requirements. eg: site migrations, backups, “How do I do this?” type questions, etc and we’ll do the actions required (be your SysAdmin) to meet your needs.

We’ll have more of these feature-rich Hosting VPS Plans coming soon and please contact us with any queries.

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