“Try out OpenStack” Offer in Sydney

We’ve been testing various OpenStack server topologies, versions and deployments for many months and we’ve settled on our preferred layout for offering OpenStack Cloud VPS Plans to customers.

While there’s still some work to be done for our coming Public Cloud product including OpenStack current Network Presence customers can gain access to a small sample of our OpenStack Cluster in Sydney, to try out the OpenStack web interface and login using Linux shell to access the full feature set of OpenStack, where you can upload your own VPS Images or use some we’ve provided (MariaDB, LAMP, cPanel VPS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other VPS Appliance images are loaded) and run one or more VPS of up to 4GB of RAM and 100GB of Disk. This is a “free offer” to Network Presence customers and while in time this OpenStack host may be absorbed into our clusters in Sydney, it will remain available for at least 6 months.

Our ‘Public Cloud’ OpenStack Cluster is coming online in Sydney from April and we’d like to foster interest in what OpenStack has to offer as a Public or Private Cloud platform, particularly from our high-quality POP and networks in Sydney.

We’ll have some webpages up about this “Try out OpenStack” Offer soon but please contact us if you’re an interested Network Presence customer.

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