Need help virtualizing legacy or physical systems?

You can get a significant Internet hosting speed increase if you take the filesystems of (say) an old, legacy physical server that may be in-house or in your own datacentre and virtualise it on our high-performance VPS Plans and our redundant high-speed network connections in Sydney or in the US.

Many organisations can’t make this leap because they need help in “getting over the line” and often that help can be deeply technical, in deploying the right VPS infrastructure for the legacy system to run as a VPS.

It’s there that we can help, in that we offer “SysAdmin as a Service” and are willing to spend time online, on the phone or in-person if req’d, to assist with migrating these legacy or old servers to run as VPS. We’ve done this many times, and we know what may be needed to tweak the VPS environment and many (specifically Linux or Unix based) legacy systems themselves to run as a VPS.

Quite often this virtualising of legacy servers can be done with no change to the kernel or applications running on those legacy systems, just the data (filesystems) needs to be moved & we customise the VPS environment and settings to suit the needs of the then-virtualised legacy server, allowing you to get the advantages of our faster CPUs, disks and network, while keeping your legacy or older applications or servers running “as they were”.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this capability further if you’re interested, regards,


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