We can Support your CentOS-to-Oracle Linux upgrades

We’ve run up a few of these conversions to Oracle Linux recently and so far it stays a CentOS/RHEL-like Linux system and works fine using Oracle’s Yum Repositories.

The additional features provided by Oracle are very useful and I’m glad to see them coming to Linux in such a major way, in particular we’ve already made use of “dtrace” and OCFS2, and I like the commitment to rapid updating of s/ware versions in Oracle’s Linux Repositories.

We can extend our “Managed VPS” concept of providing SysAdmin and Support services to VPS customers running other Linux or BSD operating systems to this new Oracle Linux as well, which may help you work through any system issues without needing to pay Oracle’s Support fees (which start at $499 / year).

So we look forward to providing customers with Oracle Linux available with VPS Orders from July 28th as well.
ie: Oracle Linux will become one of our “VPS Template Images” available.

Please feel free to contact us for any information or queries on this and our VPS Plans in general.


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