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We’ve worked for years hand-in-hand with Web Developers of all types and whether you use (say) cPanel on a shared hosting, or run your own Ruby on Rails Apps somewhere or you’re a Java Developer group, we provide A-grade hosting and most importantly, premium availability of skilled and knowledgable Support personnel who can help you push through any problems or requirements that you may have in hosting your content and sites.

For example, maybe you’re a Web Developer, using a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla and creating a few sites / week (or month) for your customers and hosting them currently through shared hosting WHM/cPanel accounts. We can provide you with your own Managed WHM/cPanel VPS (which includes the cPanel License fee and Fantastico, all installed for you), then if you want high-power Email Hosting for yourself or your customers, we can also provide you with a Zimbra Mail Server Managed VPS and if you have many domains and want redundancy for your domain hosting, then we can provide a good price on a separate VPS (often in another capital city of Australia) running the cPanel DNSONLY clustered domain hosting server software.

Many CMS require some tweaking on the PHP or Java settings on your VPS Linux operating system and we know about that and can customise your PHP or Java or other system-side requirements for your websites to run quickly.

Or maybe you’re a Ruby on Rails app and website developer and the other International based SaaS Ruby on Rails hosting companies are a little slow for you, being so far away on the Internet, or you need specialist RoR Packages. We can help there with a High Power VPS and with your specific Ruby on Rails software environment installed for you and you get full access to the VPS (root login etc), of course.

Along with all this is help using your installed server software and backends. Web GUIs are provided where-ever possible and having done many of these Managed VPS installs, we know our way around WHM/cPanel, Zimbra, Java, many open-source CMS etc, so we’re happy to help you setup your domains and load your web content (in whatever format it is) to your VPS and get it online and this is part’n’parcel of what a “Managed VPS” means to us.

We understand what Web Developers need from their VPS or Internet Infrastructure provider as they grow and what’s more we enjoy helping you get your content online and served quickly to the Internet. It’s what we do.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries, regards,

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