Get access to a Cloud, App or Website Deployment Expert with your VPS

You know you need good Internet access and servers for your App, but “who? where?” and Australia may be as good as America for delivering content to Asia, even though here in Australia we’re in the same timezone as Asia.

It’s that timezone availability that tips the scale to reasons for your site to be hosted in Australia, providing you what we believe to be some of the best quality hosting available in Asia, all from our Sydney POP.

We can provide and run your compute intensive Apps and Websites from Sydney and Canberra in Australia and serve your content quickly to Australia, NZ, Asia and India.

We now “double down” on our VPS Orders by providing SysAdmin and other hosting and service installs with customer VPS signups, and existing customers can ask us to check and report on their VPS operations. This can also include installing and upgrading software, which some customers have already used to upgrade their Database Servers, install Ruby on Rails Hosting or cPanel help or Tomcat Java Hosting assistance, other open-source PHP based CMS, and many more ways.
eg: If you’d like a Cloud or Big Data software deployment (Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB and more), we can build that into VPS provisioning and handover too.

Email us at sales @ or contact us online and we can let you know some metadata on your VPS operations, some of which are provided by deep network availability reporting like and other public content availability.


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