Optimised the WordPress Appliance VPS

We run quite a few of these ‘Managed WordPress VPS‘ for customers, where they have an ‘Internet Appliance’ in the form of a supported WordPress CMS for their website, on their own customised VPS that we provide the SysAdmin and support for as well.

Recently though we’ve updated the template for this WordPress Appliance VPS to optimise it for performance, with a number of System, Web Server and WordPress software updates installed and configured to provide much higher page throughput for these WordPress sites.

Some of the technology we’ve updated this Managed WordPress Appliance VPS offering with includes; Threaded Apache2 web server with FastCGI mods and recent/latest PHP5, latest MariaDB (MySQL compatible and fast DB) and some of the available WordPress “Cache” plugins eg: WP Super Cache.

If you’re interested in one of these “souped up” WordPress VPS or any other of our VPS Plans, please contact us.

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