Deploying more Connectivity to Network Presence

Infrastructure growth management is a key component of the business and operations of Network Presence, with new server capacity coming online monthly nowadays. Another aspect though of that growth is in our Internet connectivity and we’re pleased to announce additional Internet connectivity capacity is coming online in January, and in February we have additional Internet Links (along with their capacity increase) coming online to provide further redundancy and connectivity options to our network.

In addition to that and in conjunction with one of our suppliers, we’re going to be evaluating other Internet connectivity sources from Data Centres where we have our POPs in Sydney. Should this trial and evaluation be successful, it would provide a cost-effective means to deliver very large bandwidth through our network, based in Sydney, but available to all of our customers through our already established private links between our POPs and I’ll post further on that in early 2012.

There’s more network growth and equipment coming online in early 2012 to facilitate all this and I’ll post more of the mechanics of this connectivity later here. (Hint: NBN access and connectivity for EveryNet)

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