How to install FTB Infinity Minecraft Server & its Mod Packs on Linux

Feed The Beast (FTB) is a popular Minecraft Mod Pack Distribution that bundles many Minecraft Mod Packs into its single install.

The FTB Client for Windows is installed and run by clicking the .EXE link at FTB Install page and downloading and running that .exe file.
For Linux Minecraft Client use, download the JAR file at the same page.

On the Server side though a different install file is required, being FTBServer-1.7.10-1448.jar (currently) and the file environment that it runs in, which is supplied through the distribution’s various FTB Server Download page.

The FTB Infinity Server’s current distribution download link is or from the page at

FTB Minecraft Servers require Minecraft 1.7.10 jar file, which is downloaded from Minecraft’s own link at

The install/setup process on Linux is best with a Java 7 runtime environment which is available from Ubuntu 12.10 onwards (for example) via “apt-get install openjdk-7-jre”.

Next we recommend you create a user for your Minecraft server to run as, so the following commands will setup a Linux user for your FTB Server:

useradd minecraft1
passwd minecraft1
mkdir ~minecraft1

Then you can login as (or become) that user (eg: become minecraft1 in a new shell with “su – minecraft1” run in a root user shell) and in that user’s home directory (cd ~minecraft1), download and extract the FTB Server distribution zip file (

The Minecraft 1.7.10 jar file should also be copied to that same directory (~minecraft1).

Before the FTB Server is first run, the file “” should be run to download and install the Launcher that FTB Infinity requires (it will also attempt a download of Minecraft 1.7.10 jar file is you haven’t done it already, as listed above).
Run from a shell prompt of the minecraft1 user, in the minecraft1 user’s home directory, with:

sh ./

At this point you should be able to try the first run of the FTB Infinity Server by running the file:

sh ./

The output of the Java start of the main JAR file will then scroll in the shell that ran

All going well, a newly seeded world will be started and you can login to your fresh FTB Infinity Minecraft Server from your FTB Infinity Client.


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