Bringing our Canberra POP to Sydney

We’ve had a rack at the TransAct (now part of iiNet) Data Centre in Canberra for 2 years now, yet our Sydney POP and its racks is growing far more and quicker than our Canberra POP and its rack, power and connectivity requirements.

Such that we can easily now host all of our own and our customers’ servers and rack mounted equipment that’s at our Canberra POP, in our growing Sydney POP and racks.

Accordingly, we’ll be physically moving all our Canberra hosted equipment to Sydney on Tuesday, July 23rd, aiming to have all hosting services (Colo, VPS and Connectivity) from Canberra back online in Sydney by 6am on Wednesday, July 24th.

We’ll be contacting all relevant customers that utilise Network Presence services and products in Canberra between now and the last week of July, advising of more details as to when downtime will be scheduled for their service(s), as well as discussing options to move their services earlier to our Sydney POP.

Please contact us if you have any queries about this work.

FYI and regards,

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