SSD Drives & High-Performance Storage VPS Plans

We’ve been steadily focussing on upgrades for the various critical components of our VPS services, with many CPU, Ram & Disk capacity upgrades done. Now we’re adding to our ‘Big Disk’ capabilities with ‘Fast Disk’, by making available SSD backed (ie: SSD drives) storage available to some VPS Plans, and as an upgrade for existing customers who may want the fastest disk speeds available (currently being SSD disks online in Sydney).

Of course, we’re using the ‘server’ type of SSD (SLC) disks, and we’re mirroring them with write & read distribution across the SSD disk arrays.

These new SSD & High-Performance Storage VPS Plans will be released soon in August 2011, and I’ll update this post when their publicly available but if you’re interested, please do contact us for pricing and custom orders.


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