Custom VPS & Hosting Plans are our speciality

A customer recently asked whether we can “customise” a quote for a VPS and the essence of our reply is:

Custom Hosting requirements are our speciality (we have a rails app coming which will allow customers to self-provision there’s VPS, but that’s still months away for now) and we can vary any desired component of VPS/VDS hosting to suit your specific requirements and create that as a “VPS Plan” which you can signup for just like any of our conventional & publicly listed VPS Plans.

Please do feel free to let me know the basic components you’d like for your VPS & I can quickly quote from there.

WW amount of RAM
XX Disk space
YY # of CPUs
Data charged like ZZ
Windows SPLA Licensed or Linux & what flavour of OS
Managed or Unmanaged Admin of VPS
Located in Australia (Sydney or Canberra available now and Adelaide soon) or the US


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