VPS API available which returns JSON & is web-based for ease-of-use

Last year (2010) we created an in-house API for VPS/VDS customers to automate management of their Network Presence VPS or VDS through simple web-based URLs that access the API and respond with simple JSON.

Our VPS API allows you to manage & report on (any of) your Network Presence VPS and some information (contact details, VPS Plan information, etc) on the Account that owns & pays for the VPS.

API functionality includes;

+ Display the current status of your running VPS, including memory, CPU and network usage
+ Stop your VPS
+ Start your VPS
+ Get basic information on the VPS Account
+ Regeneratable “Key” or code required with each call to the API

The way that the API works is by providing a means to generate a unique Key or code for access to the API, which means that the customer’s username and password doesn’t need to be supplied in calls to the API.

The Network Presence VPS Management page has an option to “Generate and Store an API Key”, which is returned back on-screen and should be saved for use in calls to the API.

Calling the API is as simple as supplying the “API Key” in standard (GET format) URLs, like:


Note: please contact us for the full API-URL, as it’s not listed here in a public resource..

Where ‘command’ can be: status, info, stop, terminate, start

status = list information about the running VPS & whether the VPS is running

info = list some account or contact information on the VPS

stop = perform an ‘orderly’ shutdown of the VPS (like “pressing the power button”)

terminate = immediately shutdown the VPS (like “pulling the power cord”)

start = perform a startup or “boot up” of the VPS

All customers are welcome to use the API and please report and problems to us by email (ie: don’t post here for API Feedback).

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