IPv4 and IPv6 Routing and Address Space available

Network Presence customers now have access to “additional IP addresses” in the form of single IPv4 addresses or subnets of either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.

We can route/deliver these additional IP addresses to any Network Presence customer, by any number of means, and their pricing is roughly outlined below.

Do note that these prices reflect the “Post IPocalypse” type issues associated with IPv4 addresses.

Single IPv4 Address, or an IPv6 /120 (or so) network : $5 / month.

Small “link” IPv4 Subnet with 2 (usually) but up to 4 x possible addresses, known as a “/30” or netmask “” : $20 / month.
(incl an IPv6 /120 subnet)

Some 6-8 x IPv4 Addresses available in a “/29” subnet (netmask : $30 / month.
(incl an IPv6 /118 subnet)

Many (14 min. usable) IPv4 Addr’s in a “/28” subnet (netmask : $60 / month.
(incl an IPv6 /96 subnet)

If you’d like a /27 or more, including off-net delivery of these IP Addresses, then please contact us for a quote.

We’ll shortly post pricing for IPv4-to-IPv6 / IPv6-to-IPv4 and IPv4-IPv4 Tunnels and VPN services too.

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