Adding SSL Certificates and settings to your cPanel VPS

Assuming you’ve generated your SSL Certificate’s CSR and Key files elsewhere or outside of your cPanel itself, then once you have your purchased official signed Certificate (we use and recommend Comodo SSL Certs), you can install those SSL files to a pre-existing cPanel site and user on your cPanel VPS using the following simple steps:

a) Login to your WHM and click the main window item “SSL/TLS” and click its “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” icon.

b) Open your SSL Certificate’s .crt (Certificate) file and copy the contents as text and paste them into the first large text box on that “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” page (in the box below the word ‘Fetch’).
Once the .crt file is pasted, hit your Tab key and cPanel will try to find the Key file, but will read your Crt file text and identify the existing cPanel Domain name, Username and IP address for the site mentioned in the Certificate file.

c) Copy the text of your SSL Certificate’s Key (.key) file and paste them into the 2nd large text box on that page.

d) Most SSL Certificates come with other .crt files or CA Bundle files included in the .zip file you may get from your SSL Registry and please copy and paste each of those additional ‘Domain Validation’ and ‘CA’ .crt files you may get with your Certificate into the 3rd large text box on that “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” page.
There may be many of these additional .crt or CA text files and you just paste them all one after the other into that last large text input box on that page.

e) Then click that page’s “Submit” button and wait while cPanel processes and configures for your site’s SSL access and Cerfiticate.

All going well it’ll indicate success and you can immediately go and access your site’s https:// type URL.

We include and are happy to do this for any Network Presence Managed or cPanel running VPS customer.


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