You choose your Private Cloud technology, we deploy it for you

The open-source Cloud Computing set of software has grown greatly over the last few years, to the point where we don’t want to be the ones that have to determine what cloud computing a customer would like to or needs to use.

So we “open the floor” to cloud computing customers who may want to use a particular type of open-source based cloud computing management or operations software.

Software like this includes; Eucalyptus, oVirt, Xen, KVM, other Hypervisors, Open Stack, Nimbula, Scalr, Open Nebula, and many others.

We started using Eucalyptus many years ago and it’s the underlying basis for some of our Cloud offerings, and we’ve used Xen, KVM and other Hypervisors for even longer and now we’re testing Open Stack and Scalr, with more to follow.

So if you have a Cloud rollout or deployment, and you want to use open-source software for managing and interfacing with your cloud infrastructure, then we can get that cloud software online for you, either on our hardware platforms, or on a dedicated colocated hardware in our racks in Sydney or Canberra, Australia, or remotely on your own hardware platforms where-ever they may be.

Pricing is flexible and variable depending on the software and hosting platform required, but we’re Open Source Experts and can deploy this capability quickly for you in any combination of hosting solution required.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or a firm quote on your cloud infrastructure requirements, regards,

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